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Welshlegend Started over 25 years ago .....

Welshlegend started in a small shop in Kenfig Hill in South Wales selling and maintaining bespoke computers, printers and scanners. The business grew from there with the key drivers being top quality parts and excellent customer service.

Welshlegend now has over 25 years of experience and excels with systems from early MS DOS to Windows 10 and is completely at ease with all devices including Microsoft Windows, all Apple computers and iPads.

Welshlegend specialises in providing a caring, informative, patient and jargon free service to the more mature user.

Welshlegend will always go the extra mile to ensure our customers are totally satisfied


Apple Computer Sales

Apples total sales have increased year on year since the introduction of the first iPhone and seems to be showing no signs of slowing down.

Windows 10 Users

Computer users taking up Windows 10 is fast approaching its highest level ever so it seems Windows 10 is being accepted.

OAP’s Take Up I.T.

Over 1000 new computer and tablet users over the last 12 months have been OAP’s taking their first steps into computing.

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