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Welshlegend Tuition On Apple And Windows

Perhaps you have a project to complete but are not sure how to tackle it or what software to use to get the best results. We can offer advice on the best solutions and we can take you step by step through designing your project whilst teaching you at the same time.

We can offer tuition on Apple products and on Windows computers and also with the operating systems themselves if you have trouble using them.

Tuition is available on operating systems, desktop publishing, word processing, emails - setup and using, internet browsers, printing, scanning, photo software, and even how to purchase items online whilst keeping your details safe plus lots more.

Stay Safe Online

Make sure that you don’t open any suspicious emails, don’t click any links in those emails, don’t give your details to anyone unless you know it’s a safe certified site - Check the website address starts with https and look for the small padlock in the address bar at the top of the browser window - Always stay alert.

Home Apple And PC Tuition (More Information) “Lots of people purchase computers but don’t understand their full potential We can unlock that potential in you with jargon free tuition ” 01

Adult Tutoring

We understand everyone learns at different speeds - We can teach you at a pace to suit you in easy to understand language - No jargon.